LibInteract for AVR

A library that is compatible with Arduino and old plain C for AVR.

The Tween Class for Arduino and AVR

NEW ! The Tween class : for light (PWM) ramps : download for Arduino and AVR (runs on UNIX too)

Allows ramps generation such as the "line" or "line~" objects in PureData and Max/MSP.

The Tween Class for AVR and Arduino

Part of LibInteract for AVR
Alexandre Quessy 2008 ~ BSD License (libre software)

This is a first working draft of a C class for motion tweening. 
It can be used to create chases with lights, or fades for audio. 

It works on Arduino. Just drop the whole "Tween" directory in your 
"<arduino directory>/hardware/librairies/" directory. 

The code is pure C, so you can rename *.cpp to *.c and use with a 
tiny AVR. Doesn't use malloc nor free. This is a C class. It uses 
a C struct for storing the attributes. All function calls need a 
pointer to a variable of type Tween_t as a first argument. 
(such as &theVariable) Look for tutorials on pointers. 

The crucial maths are taken from the excellent easing equations 
from Robert Penner. Under a BSD-like License:
Easing Equations v1.5
  (c) 2003 Robert Penner, all rights reserved. May 1, 2003
  This work is subject to the terms in



See the SVN repository :

You can browse it :

Please post on [Electronix] or to AlexandreQuessy for questions or suggestions.


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