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This wiki is about art, new medias, interaction design, PureData and other dataflow languages. You are welcome to edit these pages. The MoinMoin engine is very fast and its syntax is clear and intuitive. Please consider create yourself a user name if you contribute to this wiki. See below for help on using it. This wiki is part of the Koumbit wiki farm. AlexandreQuessy and friends from Montréal administer this wiki.

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Some pages now need special authorization in order to be edited. Please ask AlexandreQuessy if you encounter some issues editing a page. You can be added to the WikiAdminGroup if you are active on this wiki and own a user name. (see in the right side bar)

We are fixing our spam problem !!

We are currently suffering a lot from spam attacks. (the FrontPage gets vandalized twice a day!) Spammers edit pages and replace our contents by their own. These are usually ads for pornographic web sites, or so. Please help us to fight against spam by reverting the page to the last correct version when you find one that has been attacked. You should create yourself a user name (see the menu on the right side bar) so that we can figure out that you are not a spammer when we consult the revision history of a page.

To revert a page to a former version, use the action toolbar on the right side bar. Choose Show Informations :: revision history (Historique des révisions) for the page you are currently viewing. Then you can consult each revision. Click on "revert" when you found the most recent correct version. I know it is not quite obvious how to do it.

Meanwhile, we are looking for automated ways to fight against spam. Thanks for your patience and solidarity.

Of course, if you are a spammer Please stop spamming this wiki !

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